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Buying Your Campbell River Area Home

Whether it’s the first home or you’ve bought and sold before, it’s exciting to buy a home!

We understand the relationship between homebuyers and Agents must be based on trust, mutual goals and understanding–this is why we always keep your interests first and foremost. The real estate process requires negotiation of complex issues; we are committed to working in your best interests. We will help you secure the best possible price, with the most favorable terms, in the shortest period of time.
So getting a good Realtor to help get you through the process and help steer you toward the perfect home at the right price is really important.

When searching for your dream home, it’s important to be well informed of the Real Estate market. To help you with this process, consider the following factors: What features do you require in a home to satisfy your lifestyle now? Five years from now? Will your needs change? What’s your budget? These are decisions only you can make, but we will do everything possible to match you with your dream home.

We want to be part of your home-finding experience and be there for you helping to point out all the issues you want to consider, we’re experts and we can help you with all of them.

Know Your Time Frame

It’s going to take time to find your new place, and the home-buying process can have some variables. You should plan on a few months to find properties, get a mortgage, make an offer, and go through inspections and closing. The loan itself will generally take between 30 and 45 days. But I always recommend giving yourself plenty of extra time.

Getting the Right Home the First Time


Moving is never much fun and doing it again in months or a few years doubly so, plus it can get expensive. When you’re prepared wit your home search this will go along way to help avoid buyer’s remorse. I recommend starting with a list of everything you must have in your new home, and another list for the things you’d like but don’t necessarily have to have. Ask yourself questions like, how many bathrooms and bedrooms you’ll need for the size of your family, what’s your ideal location, and any unique needs you have. How big of lot do you want? Think about the time you spend doing maintenance.

It’s very important to educate yourself about the process of buying a home, so you’ll get one you love and that’s comfortable for your budget. We can answer any questions you have, and are ready and willing to help guide you through the process.

Be Realistic About Your Price Range


Making sure you have selected the right home to fit within your budget is another crucial step. The majority of buyers purchase a home that’s approximately one and one-half times to two times their yearly income. You want to make sure that your payment is around 27% of gross monthly income. Any other debt you have will be considered in the process, as well, like car payments, student loans etc. Your total debt should stay under 40% of your total income every month..

Preparing for the Loan Process


Getting a mortgage approval can be a bit overwhelming to a lot of buyers. Not knowing where to turn or what they really need to do. I’m always ready to help you get through this process, but there are things you can do to start preparing now, making the process a lot easier when it matters most. 
#1, make sure your budget is ready for a home loan. Have a look at your expenses and income, and see what you may need to adjust. If you have credit card balances, paying them off really helps you in getting a loan.

Next, you’ll want to do is start getting together the documents you’re going to need, like tax returns, pay stubs, bank statements, child support and alimony records, and other documents that can be used to verify your income. And don’t forget closing costs, so saving up some extra money for that and checking around for the best deal on a loan is also an important part of the process.